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New Projects Galore! A Blog and a Podcast

The Spicy Web is expanding outward into some exciting new spaces.

By Jared White

Hello everybody! It’s been a minute since posting here, so I wanted to get you all caught up on the thrilling projects which I’ve recently launched alongside The Spicy Web.

First, I’ve started a new aggregator-style link blog called That HTML Blog where I’ll be posting daily to share links to wonderful resources around the web about the world of standards-adjacent web development. Please be sure to sign up for the email digest and add the newsfeed to your RSS reader of choice!

Secondly, my good friend Ayush and I are now publishing bi-weekly episodes of the Just a Spec Podcast, each one focused on a particular protocol or specification that makes the internet tick (both the web and even beyond). I hope you will subscribe in your podcast player of choice, as well as follow

What about this site though? I’m in the process of redesigning it a bit to focus more on original video and course-style content, and in fact with the launch of That HTML Blog, it makes that process even more clear. I hope to have more news about the release date of my “new CSS” course next month.

But in the meantime, enjoy the links above, and of course feel free to hop in the Discord and let me know what you think! ✌️

Want to join a fabulous community of web developers learning how to use “vanilla” web specs like HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Web Components—plus no-nonsense libraries & tools which promote developer happiness and avoid vendor lock-in?

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It’s entirely free to get started. And we’ll soon be launching paid courses to take you even deeper down the rabbit hole, so stay tuned! Vanilla has never tasted so hot.