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Welcome to My YouTube Channel

CSS Cascade Layers! DRYing Up JavaScript Web Components! What's all this? Yes, a new video series! And the fun has only just begun.

By Jared White

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Anyway…it’s true, there’s a new Spicy Web channel on YouTube. I meant to post here on the blog when I put my first video out, and then I got completely sidetracked. C’est la vie. So instead, here are the two videos I’ve published thus far.

The first one is all about CSS Cascade Layers and how to use the @layer at-rule:

Watch this video on YouTube

And the second video is an example of me converting some messy vanilla JavaScript code for initializing and accessing multiple CodeMirror code editors to clean, encapsulated, well-organized web component code. (Still vanilla!)

Watch this video on YouTube

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy the first two videos in this new series, and I am pleased to say there will be many more to come. What would you like to see me cover next? Let me know in the Discord!

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